Survival Methods

There is a great deal of concern that disaster will strike. It could come in many forms. If it does, survival may depend on being prepared. These are a few links to possible elements of a total survival plan.

General Survival Links

Radiation Monitors and Related Equipment

  • NukAlert™ — Offer key-chain monitor that is not very sensitive or precise but can alert to sources and has long battery life.
  • Rad Scanner 500 — Portable , low cost monitor sensitve enough for most civil defense purposes.
  • RadAlert-50 — Portable , low cost monitor sensitve enough for most civil defense purposes.
  • RS-500 — Somewhat more sensitive but more expensive monitor.
  • Smart Area Monitor — More sophisticated monitor that can distinguish different kinds of radionuclides.



  • Safecastle Royal Buyers Club — Offer long lasting packaged foods and other supplies.
  • Let's Talk Health — Alternative health products, including oral chelation product.
  • Global Healing Center, Inc. — Alternative health products and educational tools.
  • DoubleOught's Survival Station — Online bookstore offering survival related books, links to survival sites, links to gun related sites, a message board, an online catalog offering military, survival, hunting and camping supplies and more.
  • Equipped to Survive — A comprehensive online resource for independent reviews of survival equipment and outdoor gear, as well as search and rescue information.


  • MultiTool — Gateway to tools with multiple uses.


  • How To Survive A Chemical Or Biological Attack — Download this guide to surviving a chemical or biological attack. Information about how to prepare in advance, how to react in the event of an attack, and how to recognize an attack when it’s happening.
  • Nuclear War Survival Skills — Information about self help civil defense. Provides the basic facts about nuclear weapon effects and what can be done for protection. There are 18 chapters available for reading.
  • Survivalist Information Library — This site has transposed many survival tips and information from free access posts and newsgroups. All of the posts are informational and are indexed.


  • Ibogaine — Experimental treatment for drug & alcohol addiction



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