Selected Political Works of James Tyrrell

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  • HTML Version PDF text under image Patriarcha non monarcha. The patriarch unmonarch'd: being observations on a late treatise and divers other miscellanies, published under the name of Sir Robert Filmer baronet. In which the falseness of those opinions that would make monarchy jure divino are laid open: and the true principles of government and property (especially in our kingdom) asserted. By a lover of truth and of his country. (1681)  — Argument against theory that the authority of monarchy arises from patriarchy and not the consent of the people. An answer to Filmer's Patriarcha.
  • W HTML Version PDF text under image A brief disquisition of the law of nature, according to the principles laid down in the reverend Dr. Cumberland's (now Lord Bishop of Peterborough's) Latin treatise on that subject. As also his considerations of Mr. Hobbs's principles put into another method. (1692)  — Disquisition on natural law theory.
  • W HTML Version PDF text under image Bibliotheca politica: or An enquiry into the ancient constitution of the English government; both in respect to the just extent of regal power, and the rights and liberties of the subject. Wherein all the chief arguments, as well against, as for the late revolution, are impartially represented, and considered, in thirteen dialogues. Collected out of the best authors, as well antient as modern ... (1694)  — Commentary on the English constitution.
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