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  • Distro Watch — A Guide to Linux Distributons.
  • Red Hat — Popular Linux distribution.
    1. Fedora Linux Home Page — Get latest distribution here.
    2. Fedora Project — Unsupported version of Red Hat distribution.
    3. Fedora Mirrors — The main site is overloaded and often inaccessible. Try one of these.
    4. CentOS — Free distro comparable to non-free Red Hat enterprise distro (RHEL).
    5. White Box Enterprise Linux — Free distro comparable to non-free Red Hat enterprise distro (RHEL).
  • Suse — Popular Linux distribution, recently purchased by Novell.
  1. Ximian — Red carpet express, recently purchased by Novell
Debian — Popular Linux distribution.
  1. Mepis — Built on Debian, KDE. Can boot, run, and install from "live CD".
  2. Ubuntu — Built on Debian, Gnome. Can boot, run, and install from "live CD".
  3. Knoppix — Built on Debian. Have KDE and Gnome versions. Can boot and run from "live CD" which provides good test of hardware.
  • Mandrake — Popular Linux distribution.
  • Slackware Linux Project — Popular Linux distribution.
  • Gentoo — Popular Linux distribution.
  • Linux Beta — Source for all kinds of beta releases, for those who like to live on the bleeding edge.
  • Journals, documentation

    Repositories for instllations and upgrades

    Administration, modules, upgrade tools

    Drivers, devices

    Spam & virus defense

    You may want to use a combination of the following:

    1. Fetchmail — Utility to retrieve email from remote server.
    2. Sendmail — Mail Transport Agent (MTA) utlity to manage email.
    3. Procmail — Mail processor for mail servers.
    4. Milter — Mail filter for mail servers, to exclude spam and viruses.
    5. ClamAV — Antivirus protection tool.
    6. Spamassassin — Mail filter for mail servers, to exclude spam.


    • Enterprise IT Planet Linux Products — Linux applications.
    • Sourceforge — Hosting site for development projects of all kinds, not just for Linux.
    • Freshmeat — Linux applications.
    • — Resource for enterprise Linux solutions.
    • Linux Directory — Everything and Anything for Linux!
    • Mozilla — Leading suite of browser, email, web editor, IRC, and related functions.
    • Open Office — Word processor, spreadsheet, and other functions.
    • Xandros — Distribution that focuses on compatibility with Microsoft Windows.
    • Wine HQ — Main site for the Wine emulator, with source.
      • Crossover Office — Commercial Wine. Run MS Office and other Windows programs on Linux.
      • Transgaming — Commercial Wine. Run Windows games on Linux.
    • Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) Project — Focus on audio and MIDI functionality.
    • WordPerfect
    • Cute — Editor for programmers, more user-friendly than Emacs.
    • Nvu — HTML editor derived from Mozilla composer.
    • Bluefish — Advanced web editor for HTML, DHTML, PHP, and other web page development functions.
    • Quanta — Advanced web editor.
    • LyX — GUI for LaTeX, better than a word processer, especially for technical publishing.
    • LaTeX2HTML — Translator from LaTeX to HTML.
    • Linux Printing — Focus on printing functionality.
    • RealPlayer for Linux — Download binaries for various platforms from here.
    • LinuxTV — Digital video on Linux.
    • Linux and GNU — GNU Project — Free Software Foundation (FSF).
    • The Gnome Project — Popular implementation of X-Windows and a desktop environment.
    • The K Desktop Environment (KDE) — Popular implementation of X-Windows and a desktop environment.
    • GIMP - Gnu Image Manipulation Program — Aspires to become the Photoshop for Linux. Can launch a scanner to acquire an image.
    • Rascal — Scientific calculator.
    • Mathematica — Symbolic mathematics calculation, derivation, and display package.
    • Nested Interactive Array Language (Nial)— Implemented as Q'Nial, natural successor to APL, LISP and Prolog.
    • Scheme — MIT implementation of the scheme dialect of the LISP language.
    • Horde — Multi-user personal information manager (PIM): Manages email, news, address book, calendar, meetings, tasks, want list, notes, bank accounts, time tracking & billing, etc.
    • Bulk Mailer — Sends messages to lists of recipients through sendmail. Open source.
    • Limez — High performance mailing list manager that can broadcast messages to large numbers of recipients from files or databases.
    • CRM-ctt — Customer Relationship Managment - customer tracking system.
    • eGroupware — Collaboration utiity. Need meeting management functions, such as conference edit and parliamentary procedure.
    • IntraSmart — Proprietary groupware product, many useful features.
    • Asterisk — Utility to turn your computer into a telephone PBX, and support voice-over-IP (VOIP).
    • Gnophone — VOIP utility.
    • GnuCash — Competition for Microsoft Money and similar products.
    • Scribus — Desktop publishing package.
    • Blender — Graphics 3D modelling and rendering package.
    • Ardour — Tool for musicians.
    • Rosegarden4 — MIDI sequencer, competition for Cubase.
    • Gaim — Instant messaging client, supports multiple protocols.
    • Mplayer — Competition for Windows Media Player.
    • Xine — Competition for Windows Media Player.
    • CVS — Version control and configuration management tools.
    • Vexira MailArmor — Virus protection product, proprietary.
    • Chandler — Calendaring, event, agenda management.

    Various Site Utilities — Many tools for webmasters.

      Simulation Tools for Linux Systems — Includes some for web sites.

      Development projects

      • HAL — Hardware Abstraction Layer, intends to make Linux "plug-and-play".
      • D-BUS — Intends to create a messaging system so that, for example, firewire devices can be detected and mounted for read-write access when physically connected, and umounted when disconnected.
      • Linux-NTFS Project — Support for accessing NTFS filesystems on a Linux machine.
      • LUFS (Linux Userland File System) — Enables one to mount a non-Linux partition, attached device, or remote computer's file system, which is accessible by various means (ftp, ssh, etc.).
      • Despam — Spam filtering tool.


      Knowledgebase, Site Indexing, and Document Management Products

      Installation Notes

      Xeta is a Fujitsu C2210 laptop with P4, 2 GHz, 512MB RAM, 60GB HD, Firewire, integrated 802.11b wireless, SD memory stick, and DVD-RW drive.
      Vana is a Sony VAIO PCG-XG9 laptop with P3, 500MHz, 128MB RAM, 20GB HD, Firewire, and DVD-R drive.
      Yara is a custom desktop with AMD-64 3400+ socket 754, DFI nF3250Gb MB, 2.4 GHz, 3Gb RAM, ATI All-in-Wonder 9800 Pro graphics card, 300Gb HD, Dual-layer DVD+-RW drive.

      Various Resources

      Linux groups, sponsors

      Wireless & Internet in general

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