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  • Distro Watch — A Guide to Linux Distributons.
  • Red Hat — Popular Linux distribution.
    1. Fedora Linux Home Page — Get latest distribution here.
    2. Fedora Project — Unsupported version of Red Hat distribution.
    3. Fedora Mirrors — The main site is overloaded and often inaccessible. Try one of these.
    4. CentOS — Free distro comparable to non-free Red Hat enterprise distro (RHEL).
    5. White Box Enterprise Linux — Free distro comparable to non-free Red Hat enterprise distro (RHEL).
  • Suse — Popular Linux distribution, recently purchased by Novell.
    1. Ximian — Red carpet express, recently purchased by Novell
  • Debian — Popular Linux distribution.
    1. Mepis — Built on Debian, KDE. Can boot, run, and install from "live CD".
    2. Ubuntu — Built on Debian, Gnome. Can boot, run, and install from "live CD".
    3. Knoppix — Built on Debian. Have KDE and Gnome versions. Can boot and run from "live CD" which provides good test of hardware.
  • Mandrake — Popular Linux distribution.
  • Slackware Linux Project — Popular Linux distribution.
  • Gentoo — Popular Linux distribution.
  • Linux Beta — Source for all kinds of beta releases, for those who like to live on the bleeding edge.

Journals, documentation

Repositories for instllations and upgrades

Administration, modules, upgrade tools

Drivers, devices

Spam & virus defense

You may want to use a combination of the following:

  1. Fetchmail — Utility to retrieve email from remote server.
  2. Sendmail — Mail Transport Agent (MTA) utlity to manage email.
  3. Procmail — Mail processor for mail servers.
  4. Milter — Mail filter for mail servers, to exclude spam and viruses.
  5. ClamAV — Antivirus protection tool.
  6. Spamassassin — Mail filter for mail servers, to exclude spam.


  • Enterprise IT Planet Linux Products — Linux applications.
  • Sourceforge — Hosting site for development projects of all kinds, not just for Linux.
  • Freshmeat — Linux applications.
  • Linux.com — Resource for enterprise Linux solutions.
  • Linux Directory — Everything and Anything for Linux!
  • Mozilla — Leading suite of browser, email, web editor, IRC, and related functions.
  • Open Office — Word processor, spreadsheet, and other functions.
  • Xandros — Distribution that focuses on compatibility with Microsoft Windows.
  • Wine HQ — Main site for the Wine emulator, with source.
    • Crossover Office — Commercial Wine. Run MS Office and other Windows programs on Linux.
    • Transgaming — Commercial Wine. Run Windows games on Linux.
  • Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) Project — Focus on audio and MIDI functionality.
  • WordPerfect
  • Cute — Editor for programmers, more user-friendly than Emacs.
  • Nvu — HTML editor derived from Mozilla composer.
  • Bluefish — Advanced web editor for HTML, DHTML, PHP, and other web page development functions.
  • Quanta — Advanced web editor.
  • LyX — GUI for LaTeX, better than a word processer, especially for technical publishing.
  • LaTeX2HTML — Translator from LaTeX to HTML.
  • Linux Printing — Focus on printing functionality.
  • RealPlayer for Linux — Download binaries for various platforms from here.
  • LinuxTV — Digital video on Linux.
  • Linux and GNU — GNU Project — Free Software Foundation (FSF).
  • The Gnome Project — Popular implementation of X-Windows and a desktop environment.
  • The K Desktop Environment (KDE) — Popular implementation of X-Windows and a desktop environment.
  • GIMP - Gnu Image Manipulation Program — Aspires to become the Photoshop for Linux. Can launch a scanner to acquire an image.
  • Rascal — Scientific calculator.
  • Mathematica — Symbolic mathematics calculation, derivation, and display package.
  • Nested Interactive Array Language (Nial)— Implemented as Q'Nial, natural successor to APL, LISP and Prolog.
  • Scheme — MIT implementation of the scheme dialect of the LISP language.
  • Horde — Multi-user personal information manager (PIM): Manages email, news, address book, calendar, meetings, tasks, want list, notes, bank accounts, time tracking & billing, etc.
  • Bulk Mailer — Sends messages to lists of recipients through sendmail. Open source.
  • Limez — High performance mailing list manager that can broadcast messages to large numbers of recipients from files or databases.
  • CRM-ctt — Customer Relationship Managment - customer tracking system.
  • eGroupware — Collaboration utiity. Need meeting management functions, such as conference edit and parliamentary procedure.
  • IntraSmart — Proprietary groupware product, many useful features.
  • Asterisk — Utility to turn your computer into a telephone PBX, and support voice-over-IP (VOIP).
  • Gnophone — VOIP utility.
  • GnuCash — Competition for Microsoft Money and similar products.
  • Scribus — Desktop publishing package.
  • Blender — Graphics 3D modelling and rendering package.
  • Ardour — Tool for musicians.
  • Rosegarden4 — MIDI sequencer, competition for Cubase.
  • Gaim — Instant messaging client, supports multiple protocols.
  • Mplayer — Competition for Windows Media Player.
  • Xine — Competition for Windows Media Player.
  • CVS — Version control and configuration management tools.
  • Vexira MailArmor — Virus protection product, proprietary.
  • Chandler — Calendaring, event, agenda management.

Various Site Utilities — Many tools for webmasters.

    Simulation Tools for Linux Systems — Includes some for web sites.

    Development projects

    • HAL — Hardware Abstraction Layer, intends to make Linux "plug-and-play".
    • D-BUS — Intends to create a messaging system so that, for example, firewire devices can be detected and mounted for read-write access when physically connected, and umounted when disconnected.
    • Linux-NTFS Project — Support for accessing NTFS filesystems on a Linux machine.
    • LUFS (Linux Userland File System) — Enables one to mount a non-Linux partition, attached device, or remote computer's file system, which is accessible by various means (ftp, ssh, etc.).
    • Despam — Spam filtering tool.


    Knowledgebase, Site Indexing, and Document Management Products

    Installation Notes

    Xeta is a Fujitsu C2210 laptop with P4, 2 GHz, 512MB RAM, 60GB HD, Firewire, integrated 802.11b wireless, SD memory stick, and DVD-RW drive.
    Vana is a Sony VAIO PCG-XG9 laptop with P3, 500MHz, 128MB RAM, 20GB HD, Firewire, and DVD-R drive.
    Yara is a custom desktop with AMD-64 3400+ socket 754, DFI nF3250Gb MB, 2.4 GHz, 3Gb RAM, ATI All-in-Wonder 9800 Pro graphics card, 300Gb HD, Dual-layer DVD+-RW drive.

    Various Resources

    Linux groups, sponsors

    Wireless & Internet in general

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