The White House,
Washington, April 27, 1956

DEAR MR. ATTORNEY GENERAL: I am herewith returning to you, so that it may be published and receive the widest possible distribution among those interested in Federal real property matters, Part I of the Report of the Interdepartmental Committee for Study of Jurisdiction over Federal Areas within the States. I am impressed by the well- planned effort which went into the study underlying this report and by the soundness of the recommendations which the report makes. It would seem particularly desirable that the report be brought to the attention of the Federal administrators of real properties, who should be guided by it in matters related to legislative jurisdiction, and to the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and appropriate State officials, for their consideration of necessary legislation. I hope that you will see to this. I hope, also, that the General services Administration will establish as soon as may be possible a central source of information concerning the legislative jurisdictional status of Federal properties and that agency, with the Bureau of the Budget and the Department of Justice, will maintain a continuing and concerted interest in the progress made by all Federal agencies in adjusting the status of their properties in conformity with the recommendations made in the report. The members of the committee and the other officials, Federal and State, who participated in the study, have my appreciation and congratulations on this report. I hope they will continue their good efforts so that the text of the law on the subject of legislative jurisdiction which is planned as a supplement will issue as soon as possible.


The Honorable Herbert Brownell, Jr.,
The Attorney General, Washington, D.C.


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