Office of the Attorney General,
Washington, D.C., April 27,1956.

DEAR MR. PRESIDENT: On my recommendation, and with your approval, there was organized on December 15, 1954, an interdepartmental committee to study problems of jurisdiction related to federally owned property within the States. This Committee has labored diligently during the ensuing period and now has produced a factual report (part I), together with recommendations for changes in Federal agency practices, and in Federal and State laws, designed to eliminate existing problems arising out of Federal-State Jurisdictional situations. Subject to your approval, I shall bring the report and recommendations to the attention of the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives for the purpose of bringing about consideration of the Federal legislative proposals involved to the attention of State officials through established channels for consideration of the State legislative proposals involved, and to the attention of heads of Federal Departments and agencies, for their guidance in matters relating to this subject. Part II of the Committee's report is now in course of preparation and will be completed in the next several months. It will be a text which will discuss the law applicable to Federal jurisdiction over land owned in the States. Immediately upon completion of the legal text it will be sent to you. The Committee is of the view, in which I concur, that the two parts of the report are sufficiently different in content and purpose that they may issue separately.

Herbert Brownell, Jr.,
Attorney General



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