Statement  of  Objects  and  Reasons    appended  to  the  Constitution
(Twenty-second Amendment) Bill, 1968 (Bill No.  113 of 1968) which was
   enacted as THE CONSTITUTION (Twenty-second Amendment) Act, 1969


On  the  11th September, 1968, the Government of India announced  the
broad details of the scheme for constituting within the State of Assam
an  autonomous  State comprising certain areas specified in Part A  of
the  table  appended  to  paragraph 20 of the Sixth  Schedule   to  the
Constitution.  Clause 2 of the Bill seeks to insert a new article 244A
in  the  Constitution  to confer the necessary  legislative   power  on
Parliament  to  enact a law for constituting the autonomous State  and
also  to provide the autonomous State with a Legislature and a Council
of  Ministers with such powers and functions as may be defined by that

Clause 3 of the Bill makes a consequential amendment to article 275 in
regard  to  certain  special grants payable to the State of  Assam   in
respect of the areas which may form part of the autonomous State.

Clause  4 of the Bill provides for the constitution of a committee  of
the  Assam Legislative Assembly consisting of members of that Assembly
from  the  tribal  areas  aforesaid and a few other  members   of  that
Assembly, as envisaged in the scheme.


The 12th November, 1968.


[25th September, 1969.]

An Act further to amend the Constitution of India.

BE  it enacted by Parliament in the Twentieth Year of the Republic  of
India as follows:-

1.    Short   title.-  This   Act   may  be  called  the   Constitution
(Twenty-second Amendment) Act, 1969.

2.   Insertion  of  new article 244A.-In Part X of  the  Constitution,
after article 244, the following article shall be inserted, namely:-

244A.-Formation of an autonomous State comprising certain tribal areas
in  Assam and creation of local Legislature or Council of Ministers or
both  therefor.-(1)  Notwithstanding  anything in  this   Constitution,
Parliament  may, by law, form within the State of Assam an  autonomous
State  comprising (whether wholly or in part) all or any of the tribal
areas specified in Part A of the table appended to paragraph 20 of the
Sixth Schedule and create therefor-

(a) a body, whether elected or partly nominated and partly elected, to
function as a Legislature for the autonomous State, or

(b) a Council of Ministers,

or both with such constitution, powers and functions, in each case, as
may be specified in the law.

(2) Any such law as is referred to in clause (1) may, in particular,-

(a)  specify  the  matters enumerated in the State List  or  the  Con-
current  List with respect to which the Legislature of the  autonomous
State shall have power to make laws for the whole or any part thereof,
whether  to the exclusion of the Legislature of the State of Assam  or

(b)  define  the matters with respect to which the executive power  of
the autonomous State shall extend;

(c)  provide  that  any  tax levied by the State  of  Assam  shall  be
assigned to the autonomous State in so far as the proceeds thereof are
attributable to the autonomous State;

(d)  provide  that  any reference to a State in any  article  of  this
Constitution  shall  be  construed  as including a  reference   to  the
autonomous State;  and

(e) make such supplemental, incidental and consequential provisions as
may be deemed necessary.

(3)  An  amendment  of  any such law as aforesaid in so  far  as  such
amendment relates to any of the matters specified in sub-clause (a) or
sub-clause (b) of clause (2) shall have no effect unless the amendment
is  passed in each House of Parliament by not less than two-thirds  of
the members present and voting.

(4) Any such law as is referred to in this article shall not be deemed
to  be  an amendment of this Constitution for the purposes of  article
368 notwithstanding that it contains any provision which amends or has
the effect of amending this Constitution.".

3.   Amendment  of  article 275.-In article 275 of  the  Constitution,
after clause (1), the following clause shall be inserted, namely:-

"(1A)  On and from the formation of the autonomous State under article

(i)  any sums payable under clause (a) of the second proviso to clause
(1)  shall,  if  the autonomous State comprises all the  tribal   areas
referred  to  therein,  be paid to the autonomous State, and,  if   the
autonomous  State  comprises  only  some of  those  tribal   areas,  be
apportioned between the State of Assam and the autonomous State as the
President may, by order, specify;

(ii)  there  shall  be paid out of the Consolidated Fund of  India  as
grants-in-aid  of  the revenues of the autonomous State sums,  capital
and  recurring, equivalent to the costs of such schemes of development
as  may be undertaken by the autonomous State with the approval of the
Government  of  India  for  the  purpose   of   raising  the  level  of
administration of that State to that of the administration of the rest
of the State of Assam.".

4.   Insertion  of  new  article    371B.-After  article  371A  of  the
Constitution, the following article shall be inserted, namely:-

"371B.   Special  provision  with   respect to  the  State  of  Assam.-
Notwithstanding  anything in this Constitution, the President may,  by
order  made  with  respect  to the State of  Assam,  provide   for  the
constitution  and functions of a committee of the Legislative Assembly
of  the State consisting of members of that Assembly elected from  the
tribal areas specified in Part A of the table appended to paragraph 20
of  the  Sixth  Schedule  and such number of  other  members   of  that
Assembly as may be specified in the order and for the modifications to
be  made  in  the  rules  of   procedure  of   that  Assembly  for  the
constitution and proper functioning of such committee.".


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