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UNEMPLOYMENT, assistance in case of, by the State             41. 
      admission into-or establishment of new States in        2. 
      deployment of armed forces or other forces
      of the-, in any State in aid of the civil
       power....                                              Sch.VII, List I-2A. 
      directions by-, effect of failure by the 
      States to comply with or to give effect to              365. 
      duty of-to protect States against external 
      aggression and internal disturbances....                355. 
      exemption of-property from State taxation               285. 
      executive power of-, extent of.....                     73. 
      executive power of-, vests in the President             53(1). 
      Hindi, official language of...                          343. 
      jurisdiction of-in relation to territories 
      outside India                                           260. 
      name and territory of-See INDIA. 
      property of                                             Sch.VII, List I-32. 
      relations between the States and-
      administrative                                          256-261. 
      co-ordination                                           263. 
      legislative                                             245-255. 
      restrictions on legislative powers of-and
      of the States with regard to trade and commerce         303. 
      suits and proceedings by or against                     300. 
UNION LIST.....                                               Sch.VII,List I. 
UNION PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION....                           315. 
      administration of...                                    239. 
      definition of..                                         366(30). 
      High Courts for.....                                    241. 
      power of Administrator to promulgate 
      Ordinances for                                          239B. 
      power of President to make regulations for              240. 
UNITED NATIONS ORGANISATION...                                Sch.VII, List I-12. 
      Aligarh...                                              Sch.VII, List I-63. 
      Benaras...                                              Sch.VII, List I-63. 
      Delhi.....                                              Sch.VII, List I-63. 
      in Andhra Pradesh...                                    Sch.VII, List I-63. 
      of national importance...                               Sch.VII, List I-63. 
      others....                                              17. 
UNTOUCHABILITY, abolition of..                                17.
      allocation of seats in the Council of States to         Sch.IV. 
      Legislative Council for..                               168. 
      State of..                                              Sch.I.