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SALT ....                                                   Sch.VII,List I-58. 
SCHEDULE, definition of...                                  366(23). 
SCHEDULED AND TRIBAL AREAS...                               Part X. 
      Scheduled Areas and Scheduled Tribes-
      administration of...                                  244,Sch.V. 
      annual report by Governor to the President...         Sch.V.,Para.3. 
      Commission to report on the administration of 
      Scheduled areas and  the welfare of Scheduled 
      Tribes....                                            339. 
      definition of.....                                    Sch.V,Para.6. 
      executive power of State extends to ...               Sch.V,Para.2. 
      law applicable to .....                               Sch.V Para.5. 
      Tribes Advisory Council, establishment, etc., of...   Sch.V,Para.4. 
      Tribal Areas in Assam, Meghalaya and Mizoram ...      Sch.VI,Para.20. 
      administration of...                                  244(2),Sch.VI.
      application  of  Acts  of  Parliament and  
      of  the  State  Legislature  to.....                  Sch.VI,Para.12. 
      autonomous districts and regions in ....              Sch.VI,Para.1. 
      Commission to report on the administration of...      Sch.VI,Para.14.  
      estimated  receipts and expenditure to be shown 
      separately  in  annual financial statements..         Sch.VI,Para.13.                       
      District Councils :
      constitution of.....                                 Sch.VI,Para.2. 
      dissolution of.....                                  Sch.VI,Para.16. 
      district and regional funds, management by...        Sch.VI,Para.7. 
      power of-
      to constitute village councils or courts...          Sch.VI,Para.4. 
      to establish primary schools,etc...                  Sch.VI,Para.6. 
      to impose taxes and collect revenues, etc ....       Sch.VI,Para.8.  
      to make laws.....                                    Sch.VI,Para.3. 
      to  make regulations for control of 
      money-lending and trading by  non- tribals...        Sch.VI,Para.10. 
      power under C.P.C. and Cr. P.C. may be 
      conferred on..                                       Sch.VI,Para.5. 
      publication of laws, etc., made by ......            Sch.VI,Para.11. 
      share of royalties.......                            Sch.VI,Para.9(1). 
      Regional Councils:
      constitution of.....                                 Sch.VI,Para.2. 
      dissolution of....                                   Sch.VI,Para.16. 
      district and regional funds, management by...        Sch.VI,Para.7. 
      power of-
      to constitute village councils or courts...          Sch.VI,Para.4. 
      to impose taxes and collect  revenues, etc ...       Sch.VI,Para.8. 
      to make laws.....                                    Sch.VI,Para.3. 
      power under C.P.C. and Cr.  P.C. may be 
      conferred on..                                       Sch.VI,Para.5. 
      publication of laws, etc., made by...                Sch.VI,Para.11. 
      transitional provisions.......                       Sch.VI,Para.19.
      Governor of Assam, Meghalaya and Mizoram, power of- 
      to administer the areas during transitional 
      period ...                                           Sch.VI,Para.19.  
      to alter,  etc.,areas  inhabited  by  
      Scheduled  Tribes..                                  Sch.VI,Para.1(2) &(3). 
      to appoint a Commission to report on the 
      administration of  autonomous areas.....             Sch.VI,Para.14. 
      to  approve  rules made by Regional and 
      District Councils..                                  Sch.VI,Para.4(4)
      to  make  rules  for the management of  
      District  and  Regional  Funds                       Sch.VI,Para.7(2). 
      to determine share of royalty in case of dispute..   Sch.VI,Para.9(2)
      to exclude application of Acts of Parliament
      and State Legislature  of Assam to autonomous 
      area in that State..                                 Sch.VI,Para.12(1)(b). 
      to  modify  or  withdraw powers conferred on
      District  and   Regional Councils under 
      the C.P.C. and Cr. P.C..                             Sch.VI,Para.5(2). 
      to  order dissolution of a District or 
      Regional Council..                                   Sch.VI,Para.16. 
      to  order  exclusion of areas from  autonomous 
       districts....                                       Sch.VI,Para.17. 
      to  specify  jurisdiction  of  High court  
      in  matters  affecting  the autonomous areas....     Sch.VI,Para.4(3). 
      to suspend acts or resolutions of District 
      or Regional Councils...                              Sch.VI,Para.15. 
      claims of-to services and posts....                  335. 
      Commission to report on the welfare of 
      Scheduled Tribes                                     339. 
      definition of....                                    366(24) & (25). 
      no bar to make special provisions for the 
      advancement of..                                     15. 
      notification...                                      341(1) & 342(1). 
      President to specify.....                            341-342. 
      promotion of educational and economic 
      interests of..                                       46. 
      reservation of seats for-
      in the House of the People....                       330. 
      in the State Legislative Assembly..                  332. 
      to cease after  40 years..                           334. 
      Special  Minister  for  the  welfare  of-in  
      certain  States                                      164(1) Proviso. 
      Special Officer for-to be appointed by President..   338. 
SECURITIES, definition of.....                             366(26). 
      all-India services..                                 Sch.VII,List I-70. 
      conditions of service of persons serving the 
      Union or a State .                                   309. 
      continuance of functions...                          375. 
      creation of--common to the Union and the States...   312. 
      existing   laws   to  continue  to   apply   
      to--during   transitional  period....                313. 
      Indian  Administrative  Service  and Indian 
      Police  Service  to  be...                           312(2). 
      power  of  Parliament  to  vary or revoke   
      conditions  of  service  of officers of certain..    312A. 
      protection  against  dismissal,  etc., of 
      persons  employed  in  civil capacities 
      under the Union or a State.....                      311. 
      of the State...                                      Sch.VII,List II-41. 
      of the Union...                                      Sch.VII,List I-70. 
      tenure of office of persons serving the 
      Union or a State..                                   310. 
      transitional provisions..                            313. 
      maritime..                                           Sch.VII,List I -25. 
      on inland waterways....                              Sch.VII,List III-32. 
      on national waterways....                            Sch.VII,List I-24. 
      allocation of seat in the Council of States to..     Sch.IV. 
      special provision with respect to the State of..     371F. 
      State of....                                         Sch.I. 
SOCIAL SECURITY AND SOCIAL INSURANCE....                   Sch.VII,List III-23. 
SPORTS....                                                 Sch.VII,List II-33. 
      Acts  of-,  lack of requirements as to  
      recommendations  and  previous sanctions 
      not to invalidate....                                255. 
      Appropriation Bills...                               204. 
      Bills, assent to-See GOVERNORS and PRESIDENT. 
      committees  of,  attendance  of persons and  
      production  of  documents before, power, 
      privileges and immunities of..                       Sch.VII,List II-39. 
      conduct of Supreme and High Court Judges, 
      not to be discussed in...                            211. 
      constitution of.....                                 168. 
      dissolution of...                                    174(2)(b). 
      duration of....                                      172. 
      expenditure charged on Consolidated Fund 
      of the State, not subject  to vote of...             203(1). 
      other expenditure subject to vote of...              203(2). 
      language in--See LANGUAGE. 
      laws made by-, extent of....                         245. 
      inoperative if repugnant to Union laws...            251-254. 
      legislative procedure....                            196-201. 
      regarding financial matters...                       202-206. 
      regarding Money Bills....                            198. 
      regarding votes on account, votes of credit, 
      etc...                                               206. 
      Members of-
      disqualifications for....                            191. 
      decision on question as to....                       192. 
      oath or affirmation by...                            188. 
      privileges, etc., of...                              194,Sch.VII,List II-39. 
      qualifications for...                                173. 
      resignation by ...                                   190(3)(b). 
      salaries and allowances of                           195,Sch.VII,List II-38. 
      vacation of seats, etc., by..                        190. 
      voting, etc., by- without making oath or 
      affirmation etc....                                  193. 
      power of-
      to act notwithstanding vacancies and quorum...       189. 
      to extend the functions of the State Public 
      Service Commission.....                              321. 
      to make laws regarding-
      Concurrent List.....                                 246(2),Sch.VII,List III.
      elections to State Legislature.....                  328. 
      establishment of a Contingency Fund...               267(2). 
      procedure in financial matters.....                  209. 
      State List.....                                      246(3),Sch.VII,List II. 
      privileges, etc., of.....                            194(3),Sch.VII,List II-39
      proceedings of-
      courts not to question validity of...                212. 
      protection of publication of..                       361A. 
      prorogation of....                                   174(2)(a). 
      quorum in....                                        189(3). 
      restriction on discussion in..                       211. 
      rules of procedure..                                 208. 
      secretariat of....                                   187. 
      special  provisions  with  respect to the 
      States  of  Maharashtra  and Gujarat...              371(2). 
      summoning of...                                      174. 
      Union, relations with-
      administrative...                                    256-261. 
      legislative....                                      245-255. 
      voting in Houses of....                              189. 
STATE LIST.....                                            Sch.VII,List II. 
STATES....                                                 1, Sch.I. 
      Advocate-General-See ADVOCATE-GENERAL. 
      alteration of areas, etc....                         3. 
      co-ordination  between  States : President's 
      power to  appoint  inter- State Council..            263. 
      effect  of  failure to comply with, or to 
      give effect  to,  directions given by Union....      365. 
      executive action of-to be taken in the name of 
      Governor                                             166(1). 
      executive power of-, extent of.....                  162. 
      executive power of-to vest in Governor...            154(1). 
      failure of constitutional machinery in....           356. 
      formation of new States....                          3. 
      Governor-See GOVERNORS. 
      High Court-See HIGH COURTS. 
      Legislative Assembly-
      composition of....                                   170. 
      dissolution of .....                                 174(2)(b). 
      duration of....                                      172. 
      representation of Anglo-Indians in....               333. 
      representation of Scheduled Castes and 
      Scheduled Tribes in..                                332. 
      Speaker and Deputy Speaker of-
      casting vote of.....                                 189(1). 
      choosing of....                                      178. 
      not   to   preside   while  a  resolution  or   
      removal   is   under  consideration ...              181. 
      performance of duties of office of, during 
      the absence, etc.of.                                 180. 
      removal from office of....                           179(c). 
      resignation of office by ......                      179(b). 
      salaries and allowances of....                       196,Sch.II,Part C,Para.8 & 
                                                           Sch.VII,List II-38. 
      vacation of office of.....                           179(a). 
      Legislative Council-
      abolition or creation of ....                        169. 
      Chairman and Deputy Chairman of-
      casting vote of...                                   189(1). 
      choosing of...                                       182. 
      not   to   preside   while  a  resolution   for  
       removal   is   under consideration....              185. 
      performance of duties of office of, during his 
      absence, etc..                                       184. 
      removal from office of...                            193(c). 
      resignation of office by...                          183(b). 
      salaries and allowances, etc., of                    186,Sch.II,Part C &
                                                           Sch.VII,List II-38. 
      vacation of office of....                            183(a). 
      composition of.....                                  171. 
      duration of...                                       172(2). 
      monopolies-See MONOPOLIES. 
      welfare of the people....                             38. 
STOCK EXCHANGES AND FUTURES MARKETS.....                    Sch.VII,List I-48. 
SUB-CLAUSE, definition of.....                              366(27). 
SUCCESSION    to   property,   assets,   rights, 
liabilities and   obligations.                              294-295. 
SUITS and proceedings by or against the Union 
or the States..                                             300. 
      procedure relating to-
      in Parliament..                                       115. 
      in State Legislature.....                             205. 
      ad hoc Judges of-, their appointment, etc.....        127. 
      administrative  expenses  of-to  be  charged  
      on the Consolidated  Fund.........                    146(3). 
      ancillary powers of-, Parliament may confer on...     140. 
      appointment of officers and servants of..             146. 
      authorities to act in aid of..                        144. 
      certificate for appeal to.....                        134A. 
      Chief Justice of-
      acting, appointment of...                             126. 
      appointment of-See JUDGES. 
      appointment   of   arbitrator  by-regarding  
      extra cost of State administration.....               257(4),258(3). 
      Constitution,  organisation,  jurisdiction and
      powers of                                             Sch.VII,List I-77. 
      court of record.....                                  129. 
      decision  of-regarding doubts or disputes arising
      out of the election of President or Vice-
      President of India.....                               71. 
      enforcement of decrees and orders of...               142(1). 
      enlargement of jurisdiction of.....                   138. 
      establishment and constitution of..                   124. 
      expenses  of...                                       146. 
      Federal Court-
      Judges of-to become Judges of.                        374(1). 
      powers and jurisdiction of-to be exercisable by...    135. 
      suits, appeals and proceedings pending in, to be
      removed to.....                                      374(2). 
      grant of special leave by- to appeal....             136. 
      Judges of-
      ad hoc....                                           127. 
      age of retirement of.....                            124(2). 
      appointment of....                                   124(2). 
      conduct of-not to be discussed in Parliament or 
      State Legislature                                    121,  211. 
      determination of age of..                            124(2A). 
      disqualification   of-for  pleading  or  
      acting in any court, etc.                            124(7). 
      oath or affirmations by..                            124(6). 
      privileges, allowances, etc., of...                  125(2). 
      qualifications for appointment of..                  124(3). 
      removal from office of                               124(2) Proviso(b). 
      salaries and allowances of....                       125(1),Sch.II,Part D,Para.9. 
      Jurisdiction of-
      advisory..                                           143. 
      in cases involving interpretation of the 
      Constitution                                         132. 
      in civil matters....                                 133. 
      in criminal matters.                                 134. 
      original..                                           131. 
      language of-See LANGUAGE-
      law declared by-binding on all courts                141. 
      power of-
      to issue writs for enforcement of Fundamental 
      Rights                                               32. 
      to punish for contempt...                            129. 
      to review its own judgment....                       137. 
      Privy Councils in Part B States, proceedings 
      pending in, to be removed to..                       374(4). 
      retired Judges of-attendance at sittings of          128. 
      rules of..                                           145. 
      seat of...                                           130. 
      special leave by....                                 136. 
SURVEYS OF INDIA....                                       Sch.VII,List I-68.