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      allocation of seats in the Council of States to         Sch.IV. 
      State of..                                              Sch.I. 
HIGH COURTS, in the States....                                214. 
      administrative expenses of-to be charged on the 
      Consolidated Fund   of the State.                       229(3). 
      application of certain provisions relating to 
      Supreme Court to                                        218. 
      Chief Justice-
      acting-, appointment of..                               223. 
      appointment of-See Chief Justice and other 
      Judges below power of-
      to appoint acting Judges .....                          224(2). 
      to appoint additional Judges..                          224(1). 
      to appoint officers and servants of High Court          229(1).
      to appoint retired Judges at sittings of High  Courts   224(A). 
      to be consulted regarding appointment of other Judges   217(1). 
      Chief Justice and other Judges-
      age of retirement of.....                               217(1),224(3). 
      appointment and conditions of office of                 217,224,224A. 
      conduct of-not to be discussed-
      in Parliament..                                         121. 
      in State Legislature.....                               211. 
      determination of age of..                               217(3). 
      oath or affirmation by...                               219. 
      prohibition of practice after ceasing to hold office    220. 
      qualifications for appointment as..                     217(2). 
      removal from office of...                     217(1) Proviso(b). 
      procedure regarding.                                    218. 
      resignation of office by                      217(1) Proviso(a). 
      salaries, etc,, of                            221,Sch.II,Part D.Para.10. 
      transfer of-from one High Court to another              222. 
      vacation of office of....                     217(1),Proviso(e). 
      constitution and organisation of...           216,Sch.VII, List I-78. 
      court of record.....                                    215. 
      definition of..                                         366(14). 
      establishment of a common High Court for two or 
      more States                                             231. 
      for Union territories....                               241. 
      jurisdiction of.....                                    225. 
      extention of-to or exclusion from Union 
      territories                                             230,Sch.VII, List I-79. 
      Language in-See LANGUAGE. 
      officers of-appointment, etc., of                       229. 
      power of-
      to issue certain writs...                               226. 
      to punish for contempt...                               215. 
      power of superintendence of...                          227. 
      retirement of additional or acting Judge                224(3). 
      subordinate courts, control over, to vest in            235. 
      transfer of certain cases to..                          228. 
      transitional period, provisions as to                   376. 
HIGHWAYS, declared by Parliament to be national               Sch.VII, List I-23. 
      allocation of seats in the Council of States to         Sch.IV. 
      State of..                                              Sch.I. 
HOSPITALS AND DISPENSARIES....                                Sch.VII, List II-6. 
      hospitals. Seamen's and marine.....                     Sch.VII, List I-28. 
      composition of.                                         81. 
      decisions of-by majority.                               100(1). 
      Deputy Speaker of-See SPEAKER
      duration of ...                                         83. 
      power of-to make rules of procedure                     118(1). 
      quorum for a meeting of..                               100(3). 
      representation (nomination) of Anglo-Indians in         331. 
      representation of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled 
      Tribes, etc., in..                                      330. 
      representation of Union territories in                  81(1)(b). 
      Secretarial staff, appointment, etc., of                98. 
      Speaker and Deputy Speakers of-
      casting vote of.....                                    100(1). 
      choosing of....                                         93. 
      not  to  preside while a resolution for removal 
      from office  is  under consideration                    96. 
      performance of duties of office of--during the 
      absence of                                              95. 
      removal from office of                                  94(c) & 96. 
      resignation of office by                                94(b). 
      salaries and allowances, etc., of              97,Sch.VII,List.I-73 & 
                                                     Sch.II,Part C,Para. 7. 
      vacation of office by                                   94(a). 
      voting in                                               100. 


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