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      application to Union Territories                       243L.
      audit of accouns of                                    243J.
      bar to interference by courts in electrol matters      243O.
      composition of                                         243C.
      constitution of                                        243B.
      constitution of Finance Commission to review 
      financial position                                     243-I and 280(3)(bb).
      continuance of existing laws                           243N.
      definitions of                                         243.
      disqualifications for membership                       243F.
      duration of                                            243E.
      elections to the                                       243K.
      gram sabha                                             243A.
      maintenance and auditing of accounts                   243J.
      part not to apply to certain areas                     243M.
      powers, authority and responsibilities                 243G.
      powers to imposer taxes by, and funds of               243E.
      reservation of seats                                   243D.
      Acts  of-lack  of  requirements as  to  
      recommendations  and  previous sanctions not 
      to invalidate...                                       255. 
      committees of and commissions appointed by, 
      attendance of persons  and production of 
      documents before..                                     Sch.VII,  List I-74. 
      composition of-
      the Council of States....                              80. 
      the House of the People..                              81. 
      constitution of.....                                   79. 
      Council of States-See COUNCIL OF STATES
      dissolution of.                                        85(2)(b). 
      duration of....                                        83. 
      expenditure  charged on the Consolidated Fund of 
      India,not subject  to vote of...                             113(1). 
      other expenditure, subject to vote of                  113(2). 
      House of the People-See HOUSE OF THE PEOPLE. 
      Houses of - to meet twice every year                   85(1). 
      joint sitting..                                        100 & 108. 
      language to be used in - See under LANGUAGE. 
      laws made by-
      extent of.                                             245(1). 
      to prevail over State laws in certain cases            251 & 254. 
      legislative procedure-
      in respect of financial matters....                    112  & 117. 
      in respect of Money Bills.....                         109. 
      In  respect  of  votes on account, votes of  credit   
      and   exceptional grants....                           116. 
      with respect to estimates.....                         113. 
      Members of Parliament-
      disqualifications for
      decision on question as to                             103. 
      oath or affirmation by                                 99. 
      powers, privileges, etc., of                           105, Sch.VII,  List I-74. 
      qualifications for                                     84. 
      salaries and allowances, etc., of                      106,Sch.VII,  List I-73. 
      vacation of seats by                                   101. 
      voting in Houses of                                    100. 
      voting without making oath or affirmation, etc. 
penalty for                                                  104. 
      officers of-See COUNCIL OF STATES and HOUSE  OF 
      power of-
      to abolish or create Legislative Councils in States....169. 
      to act notwithstanding vacancies and quorum            100. 
      to admit new States into the Union                     2. 
      to alter areas, boundaries or names of States          3. 
      to amend First and Fourth Schedules in certain cases   4. 
      to amend Fifth Schedule                                Sch.V,Para.7. 
      to amend provisions of Constitution                    368. 
      to appoint authority for carrying out purposes 
      of articles 301-304..............                      307. 
      to confer ancillary powers on Supreme Court            140. 
      to  confer  jurisdiction  on  the  Supreme  Court  to 
      issue   certain writs......                            139. 
      to confer powers of the Union on States in 
      certain cases                                          258(2). 
      to constitute High Courts for Union territories         241. 
      to  create  local  Legislatures or Council of 
      Ministers  or  both  for certain Union 
      territories                                            239A. 
      to determine the salaries and allowances of 
      Ministers                                              75(6). 
      to establish new States                                2. 
      to extend functions of Public Service 
      Commissions                                            321. 
      to extend its own duration in emergencies              83(2) Proviso. 
      to  impose restrictions on freedom of trade, 
      commerce, or  intercourse within the Union             302. 
      to  impose surcharge on certain duties and
       taxes for purposes  of  the Union.....                271. 
      to legislate on matters in concurrent List             246(2). 
      to  legislate  with  respect  to matters  in 
       State  List-in  national interest                     249(1). 
      during Emergency                                       250. 
      to  legislate  with respect to matters in State 
      List for two  or  more States by consent               252. 
      to legislate with respect to matters in 
      Union List                                             246(1). 
      to make laws regarding extension of or 
      exclusion from the jurisdiction of High 
      Courts....                                             230. 
      to   make  laws  to  amend  Scheduled  Castes  
      and  Scheduled   Tribes  Orders........                341(2) & 342(2). 
      to make laws to give effect to international 
      agreements                                             253. 
      to  make  laws  to give effect  to  provisions 
       regarding  Fundamental Rights.....                    35. 
      to make laws with respect to elections to 
      legislatures...                                        327. 
      to  make  laws with respect to trade and 
      commerce within a  state  and production, 
      supply and distribution of certain 
      commodities during  the first 5 years....              369. 
      to  make  provisions regarding qualifications
       for and  powers  of  the members of the 
      Finance Commission                                     280(2) & (4). 
      to prescribe certain matter with respect to 
       preventive detention........                          22(7). 
      to   prescribe requirements regarding residence 
      for employment under a State or local authority.       16(3). 
      to   prescribe  the  manner of election of  
      representatives  of  Union territories 
      to the Council of States                               80(5). 
      to   provide for adjudication of disputes 
      relating to waters of inter- State rivers 
      and river-valleys                                      262. 
      to   provide for creation of all-India services        312. 
      to provide for discharge of President's 
      functions in contingencies..                           70. 
      to   provide  for  establishment  of  
      additional  courts  for   better 
      administration of laws made by Parliament......        247. 
      to  provide for establishment of Joint Public 
      Service  Commission  for two or more States..          315. 
      to  provide for the manner of enforcement of 
      decrees or orders of  the Supreme Court..              142(1). 
      to  provide  for  the use of English language
       or  Devanagari  form  of numerals, after 
      15 years.....                                          343(3). 
      to regulate its procedure in financial matters.        119. 
      to  regulate  matters  regarding  election
        of  President  and   Vice- President.....            71(3). 
      to regulate the right of citizenship                   11. 
      to  vary  or  revoke  conditions of service  
      of  officers  of  certain services.......              312A. 
      powers, privileges, etc., of..                         105(3), Sch.VII,  List I-74. 
      proceedings of-
      courts not to enquire into validity of                 122(1). 
      protection of publication of..                         361A. 
      prorogation of...                                      85(2)(a). 
      quorum for a meeting of..                              100(3). 
      residuary powers of legislation vest in                248, Sch.VII,  List I-97      
      restriction on discussion in..                         121. 
      rules of procedure, power of each House to make        118. 
      secretariat of Houses of.                              98. 
      summoning of...                                        85(1). 
PART, definition of.                                         366(16). 
PASSPORTS.                                                   Sch.VII,  List I-19. 
PATENTS, INVENTIONS AND DESIGNS....                          Sch.VII,  List I-49. 
      definition of..                                        366(17). 
      payable by States .......                              Sch.VII, List II-42. 
      payable by Union ........                              Sch.VII,  List I-71. 
PETROLEUM AND PETROLEUM PRODUCTS....                         Sch.VII,  List I-53. 
      to places outside India......                          Sch.VII,  List I-20
      to other places........                                Sch.VII, List II-7. 
      offences  against  law  of nations..                   Sch.VII,List I-21 
PLANNING, economic and social .....                          Sch.VII, List III-20
POISONS...                                                   Sch.VII , List III-19.
POLICE.....                                                  Sch.VII, List II-2.
      extension of powers and jurisdiction of-to
       areas outside the State and to railway areas..        Sch.VII,  List I-80. 
      allocation of seat in the Council of States to..       Sch.IV. 
      creation  of  local  Legislatures or Council 
       of  Ministers,  or  both for.......                   239A. 
      territory of......                                     Sch.I. 
      declared by Parliament to be major ....                Sch.VII,  List I-27. 
      other........                                          Sch.VII, List III-31.
POST OFFICE SAVINGS BANK...                                  Sch.VII,  List I-39. 
POSTS AND TELEGRAPHS .......                                 Sch.VII,  List I-31. 
POUNDS AND PREVENTION OF CATTLE TRESPASS...                  Sch.VII, List II-16.   
PRESIDENT.......                                             52. 
      address by.....                                        86-87. 
      Annual Financial Statement,causes to be 
      laid before Parliament                                 112(1). 
      appointments of-
      Attorney-General-See ATTORNEY-GENERAL.  
      Chairman and members of Union and State 
      Public Service 
      Commissions-See  PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION.  
      Chief Justice and other Judges of-
      High Courts-See HIGH COURTS. 
      Supreme Court-See SUPREME COURT. 
      Comptroller and Auditor-General-See 
      Governors of States-See GOVERNORS. 
      Prime Minister and other Ministers-See 
      Special Officer for linguistic minorities .....        350B. 
      Special Officer for Scheduled Castes-
      approval of-to rules regarding salaries, 
      allowances, leave or pensions of officers 
      and servants of the Supreme Court...                   146(2) Proviso. 
      assent of-
      to Bills-
      general.....                                           111. 
      of Parliament, amending the Constitution               368. 
      of State Legislature                                   201. 
      regarding  imposition  of taxes on water or  
      electricity   in  certain cases.....                   288(2). 
      audit reports, causes to be laid before 
      Parliament                                             151(1). 
      conditions of office of....                            59. 
      consent of-necessary for acceptance of 
      foreign titles,presents,  etc., by person 
      serving under the State                                18(3) & (4). 
      contracts of the Union to be executed in the 
      name of                                                299(1). 
      Council of Ministers to aid and advise                 74(1). 
      decision by - on questions as to 
      disqualifications of  Members of Parliament            103(1). 
      defence forces, supreme command of, to vest in         53(2). 
      Election  Commission, appointment of Chief 
      Election  Commissioner  and other 
      Commissioners, etc.- See ELECTIONS. 
      election of...                                         54,Sch.VII,List I-72. 
      eligibility for re-election...                         57. 
      emoluments, allowances and privileges, 
      etc. of..                        59(3),Sch.II,Part A,Sch.VII,List I-75. 
      executive  action  by  the Union Government 
      to be taken  in  the  name of......                    77(1). 
      Finance Commission, constitution, etc.,
       by-See FINANCE. 
      impeachment of-, procedure for                         61. 
      legislative powers of                                  123(1). 
      manner of election of...                               55. 
      matters relating to election of...                     71. 
      messages, etc., of-to the Houses.....                  86. 
      oath or affirmation by....                             60. 
      Ordinance making power of- See ORDINANCE. 
      to adapt laws  .....                                   372 & 372A. 
      to apply laws with modifications to aerodromes
       and major ports..                                     364. 
      to appoint acting Chairman of the Council 
      of States...                                           91(1). 
      to appoint acting Speaker of the House of 
      the People....                                         95(1). 
      to  appoint a Commission to report on the 
      administration of  Scheduled Areas and 
      welfare of Scheduled Tribes...                         339. 
      to   appoint  a Commission to investigate the  
      condition  of  backward classes...                     340. 
      to  authorise the use of Hindi during the 15
       years period in  addition to  English  and  
      of Devanagari numerals for  official  purposes
       of Union.....                                         343(2) Proviso. 
      to call for information from the Prime
      Minister regarding administration of 
      Union affairs and proposals for legislation...         78(b). 
      to constitute a Commission to report on 
      official language....                                  344. 
      to consult Election Commission on questions 
      regarding disqualification of members of 
      Parliament                                             103(2). 
      to  consult  Supreme  Court  on questions of 
      law  or  fact  of  public importance....               143. 
      to  declare  a  State  not  to be  a  foreign  
      State  for  a  specific purpose...                     367(3) Proviso
      to entrust Union functions to States in 
      certain cases                                          258(1). 
      to establish inter-State Council...                    263. 
      to grant pardons, etc., and to suspend, remit
       or commute sentences  in certain cases..              72. 
      to issue order for adaptation of existing laws         372(2). 
      to  issue  order  for  removal  of  difficulties  
      during  transitional   period....                      392. 
      to  issue  orders  in  regard to grants  from 
       the  Union  to  certain    States....                 275(2). 
      to issue Proclamation of Emergency-See EMERGENCY
      to   make   advances  from  Contingency  Fund 
        to   meet   unforeseen   expenditure....             267(1). 
      to  make  order in respect of persons under  
      preventive  detention  in certain cases..              373. 
      to  make  provision  by order for continuance 
      of  taxes  on  water  or electricity  involving  
      river  valley projects  under  existing  State    
      Law......                                              288(1). 
      to  make  provisions regarding discharge of  
      Governor's  functions  in contingencies..              160. 
      to make regulations for Union territories....          240. 
      to  make  regulations regarding conditions of 
      service,  etc.,  of  the Chairman  and  members 
      of the Union, State and  Joint  Public  Service 
      Commissions.....                                       318. 
      to  make  rules  for  consultation  with  the  
      Union  Public   Service Commission regarding 
      appointment of officials   of Supreme Court ....       146(1) Proviso. 
      to  make  rules  regarding authentication of 
      orders,  etc.,  made  and executed in the 
      name of the President...                               77(2). 
      to  make rules regarding conditions of 
      service, etc., of personnel  of the Audit 
      and Accounts Department..                              148(5). 
      to  make  rules  regarding dual membership  of
        Parliament  and  State Legislature....               101(2). 
      tomake  rules regarding procedure at joint 
      sittings  of  the  two Houses....                      118(3). 
      tomake rules regarding recruitment and 
      conditions of  service  of secretarial 
      staff of Houses of Parliament......                    98(2). 
      tomake  rules  regarding transactions  of  and 
       allocation  among Ministers of business of 
      the Government.....                                    77(3). 
      to nominate Anglo-Indians to the House of 
      the People..                                           331. 
      to nominate twelve members to the Council 
      of States                                              80(1)(a). 
      to  prescribe  percentage of taxes on income  
      for  distribution  among States....                    270. 
      to prescribe the manner of enforcement of 
      orders, etc., of the Supreme Court....                 142(1). 
      to remove difficulties during transitional period      392(1). 
      to  specify  Scheduled Castes and Scheduled 
      Tribes in the  States  and Union territories.....      341-342. 
      to summon Houses of Parliament in joint sittings..     108. 
      to summon, prorogue and dissolve Parliament.....       85(2). 
      previous sanction of-
      necessary  for  introducing  a Bill  in  State 
       Legislature,  imposing restrictions    on    
      trade, commerce and inter-course among  States...      304(b) Proviso. 
      to be regarded as matter of procedure                  255. 
      protection of-from legal proceedings                   361. 
      qualifications for office of......                     58. 
      recommendation of-demand for a grant to be 
      made on...                                             113(3). 
      recommendation of-required for introduction 
      of Bills-
      (i) affecting taxation in which States are 
      interested                                             274(1). 
      (ii) regarding financial matters                       117(1). 
      (iii)  regarding  formation  of new States  or  
      alteration,  etc.,  of boundaries of States.....       3 Proviso. 
      recommendation to be regarded as matter of 
      procedure                                              255. 
      removal from office of...                              56(1) Proviso(b). 
      resignation of office by...                            56(1) Proviso(a). 
      supplementary grants, causes to be laid 
      before Parliament...                                   115(1). 
      term of office of...                                   56. 
      vacancy in the office of, procedure for filling..      62. 
      Advisory Boards-
      constitution of and reports by..                       22(4)(a). 
      procedure to be followed by..                          22(7)(c). 
      for  reasons connected with the security of
      a State ...                                            Sch. VII, List III-3. 
      for reasons connected with the security of India..     Sch.VII,  List I-9. 
      period of detention-
      not to exceed 3 months...                              22(4). 
      may exceed 3 months in certain circumstances..         22(4)(a) & (b). 
      maximum - may be prescribed by Parliament              22(7)(a) & (b). 
      person detained under-
      facts may not be communicated to - if against 
      public interest.....                                   22(6). 
      grounds of detention to be communicated to...          22(5). 
PRICE CONTROL....                                            Sch.VII, List III-34. 
PRIMARY EDUCATION in mother tongue....                       350A. 
      appointment of......                                   75(1). 
      duties of-as respects furnishing information 
      to President..                                         78. 
      is head of Council of Ministers....                    74(1). 
      salary and allowances of...                            75(6),Sch.VII,  List I-75. 
PRINTING PRESSES....                                         Sch.VII, List III-39. 
PRISONERS  subjected to preventive detention, 
      removal from  one  State to another.....               Sch.VII, List III-4. 
PRISONS...                                                   Sch.VII, List II-4. 
PROCLAMATION OF EMERGENCY, definition of...                  366(18). 
PROFESSIONS-legal, medical, etc....                          Sch.VII,List III-26. 
PROHIBITION  of intoxicating drinks and drugs, 
      State to  introduce-See DIRECTIVE PRINCIPLES. 
      acquisition and requisitioning of                      Sch.VII, List III-42. 
      amount   for   acquisition  of  any-of  an   
      educational   institution established and 
      administered by a minority...                          30(1A). 
      no person to be deprived of-save by authority of 
      law...                                                 300A. 
      succession to-, etc.                                   294-295. 
      transfer of agricultural land....                      Sch.VII, List II-18. 
      transfer of-other than agricultural property...        Sch.VII, List III-6. 
      by single transferable vote :
      election of members of State Legislative Council..     171(4). 
      election of President....                              55(3). 
      election of State representatives in the 
      Council of States..                                    80(4). 
      election of Vice-President....                         66(1). 
PUBLIC acts and records, recognition of...                   261,Sch.VII,List III-12. 
      of the States-See DEBT. 
      of the Union-See DEBT. 
PUBLIC HEALTH AND SANITATION....                             Sch.VII, List II-6. 
PUBLIC NOTIFICATION, definition of....                       366(19). 
PUBLIC ORDER...                                              Sch.VII, List II-1. 
      annual report of....                                   323. 
      Chairman and members of-
      appointment of....                                     316(1) & (1A). 
      conditions of service of....                           318. 
      eligibility  for  holding  of offices after  
      ceasing  to  be   members                              319(b),(c) & (d). 
      eligibility for re-employment....                      319. 
      ineligibility for re-appointment                       316(3). 
      removal from office of...                              316(2) Proviso(b). 
      removal or suspension from office of...                317. 
      resignation by.                                        316(2) Proviso(a). 
      term of office of...                                   316(2). 
      expenses of--charged on the Consolidated Fund...       322. 
      functions....                                          320. 
      power to extend-of....                                 321. 
      joint-for two or more States..                         315(2). 
      of State...315(1),                                     Sch.VII, List II-41. 
      transitional period, provisions as to....              378. 
      Union.....                                             315(1),Sch.VII,  List I-70. 
      allocation of seats in the Council of States to..      Sch.IV. 
      State of..                                             Sch.I. 


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