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VAGRANCY..                                                    Sch.VII, List III-15. 
VALIDATION of certain Acts and Regulations 
about acquisition of estates                                  31B and Sch.IX. 
VEHICLES, MECHANICALLY PROPELLED...                           Sch.VII, List III-35. 

VETERINARY   training  and  practice, 
preservation of stock, etc. ....                              Sch.VII, List II-15. 
VICE-PRESIDENT OF INDIA..                                     63. 
      conditions of office of..                               66(2) and (4). 
      election of....                                         66, Sch.VII, List I-72. 
      is ex-officio Chairman of the Council of States         64. 
      matters relating to election of                         71. 
      oath or affirmation by                                  69. 
      qualifications for election as                          66(3). 
      removal from office of                                  67 Proviso (b). 
      resignation of office by                                67 Proviso (a). 
      salaries, etc., of                                      Sch.II, Part C. 
      term of office of                                       67. 
      to act, etc., as President in case of vacancy 
      in President's office....                               65. 
      vacancy in the office of.                               68. 
VILLAGE PANCHAYATS, organisation of, by the State             40. 
VISAS.....                                                    Sch.VII, List I-1. 
      Single transferable with proportional representation-
      See Proportional representation
      on account and of credit, etc.-
      by House of the People...                               116. 
      by State Legislative Assembly.                          206. 

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