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DADRA AND NAGAR HAVELI, territory of....                      Sch. I. 
DAMAN AND DIU, territory of...                                Sch. I. 
      definition of..                                         366(8). 
      public-of the States.....                               Sch. VII,List II-43. 
      public-of the Union.                                    Sch. VII,List I-35. 
DEFENCE OF INDIA....                                          Sch. VII,List I-1. 
      industries necessary for the purpose of                 Sch. VII,List I-7. 
      preventive detention for reasons connected with         Sch. VII,List I-9. 
      certain expressions.                                    366. 
      "Consolidated Fund"-
      of India..                                              266(1). 
      of the State...                                         266(1). 
      "Contingency Fund"-
      of India..                                              267(1). 
      of the State...                                         267(2). 
      "Indian State".                                         363(2)(a). 
      "Money Bill"-
      in State Legislature.....                               199. 
      in Parliament..                                         110. 
      "net proceeds".                                         279(1). 
      "Ruler"...                                              363(2)(b). 
      "Scheduled Areas"...                                    Sch.V,Part C,Para. 6. 
      "State" for purposes of Part III...                     12. 
      "State" for purposes of Part IV....                     36. 
      allocation of seats in the Council of States to         Sch. IV. 
      territory of...                                         Sch. I. 
      annual payments to..                                    290A. 
      in the State of Kerala...                               290A. 
      in the State of Tamil Nadu....                          290A. 
      establishment of separate-for parts of Maharashtra 
and Gujarat...                                                371(2). 
DIPLOMATIC REPRESENTATION.....                                Sch. VII,List I-11. 
DIRECTIVE PRINCIPLES OF STATE POLICY....                      Part IV. 
      agriculture and animal husbandry, State to organise     48. 
      application of.                                         37. 
      assistance in case of unemployment, old age, etc., 
State, to provide...                                          41. 
      Civil Code, uniform for all citizens, 
      State to secure                                         44. 
      cottage industries, State to promote                    43. 
      cows, etc., slaughter of, State to prohibit             48. 
      education, free and compulsory for children, 
      State to provide                                        45. 
      equal justice and free legal aid...                     39A. 
      international peace and security, etc., 
      State to promote                                        51. 
      judiciary, separation of, from executive, 
      State to take steps for                                 50. 
      just and humane conditions of work, State to secure     42. 
      level of nutrition and standard of living, raising of,
       State to regard as its primary duty....                47. 
      living wage, etc., for workers, State to secure         43. 
      maternity relief, State to make provision 
      for securing                                            42. 
      monuments, etc., State to protect                       49. 
      participation of workers in management 
      of industry                                             43A. 
      principles of policy to be followed by the State        39. 
      prohibition of intoxicating drinks and drugs, 
      State to bring about                                    47. 
      right to work, to education and to public
       assistance in cases of unemployment, etc., 
      State to secure                                         41. 
      saving of laws giving effect to certain                 31C. 
      Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, etc., 
State to protect from social injustice and exploitation       46. 
      the State, definition of, for the purposes 
      of Part IV                                              36. 
      village panchayats, State to organise                   40. 
      prevention of extension of-from one State 
      to another                                              Sch.VII, List III-29. 
DISPLACED PERSONS, relief and rehabilitation 
      of                                                      Sch. VII,List III-27. 
      industrial and labour                                   Sch. VII,List III-22. 
      decision on questions as to disqualifications
      of members                                              103 & 192. 
DISTRICT BOARDS                                               Sch. VII,List II-5. 
      appointment of                                          233. 
      recruitment of persons other than-to 
      judicial service                                        234. 
      validation of appointment, etc., of certain             233A. 
DIVORCE                                                       Sch. VII,List III-5. 
DRUGS                                                         Sch. VII,List III-19. 
      Fundamental                                             51A. 
      See also under FINANCE. 

      to promote spread of Hindi language                     351. 
      to protect States against aggression 
      and disturbances                                        355.